Urls are not same after migration from nexus 2 to nexus 3

I have migrated nexus 2 to nexus 3 but URLs of repos are not same. So some applications are not reachable which is linked with nexus.
Please solve my issue.

Thanks, in advance!

Neha, if you’re talking about repository URLs that clients like maven or gradle use, then there is a capability you can enable that produces backwards compatible URLs.

Other URLs, however, are different between Nexus 2 and 3 as there’s a fundamentally different architecture under the hood - integrations that used the REST endpoints will need to be updated.

Thanks, @mprescott to answer my question. But my main problem is- Some codes are getting error due to changes in URLs’ endpoint, as I migrated nexus2 to nexus3.

Is there any solution in which there is no need to change URLs manually?

source URL->Nexus2 URL-- https://nexus2.xyz.com/content/groups/Some-repo
NExus3 URL - https://nexus3.xyz.com/service/rest/repository/browse/Some-repo/

is this not wierd to use browse in url paths?

Unfortunately, no, you’ll need to update any scripts or automation your’e using that point to these REST endpoints.

I see what you mean. In this case, however, “browse” isn’t a verb, it’s the name of a data structure. Since Nexus Repository v3 supports many different ecosystems, it doesn’t store the content in a typical file/folder structure. The ‘browse’ data structure is what supports directory browsing. I can see why it would seem odd, though!

Thanks @mprescott to answer my question.