Use nexus npm repository to proxy artifactory local repository?

Hi, I want to use Nexus to proxy Artifactory, If the proxied repo is remote repository(Artifactory), everything is OK. But when the proxied repo is local repository, the content is empty, even though Nexus displasy remote available… Here I make any mistake?

(Background: I want to do timely sync between nexus and artifactory about one local repository belongs to artifactory.)

Proxy repositories don’t mirror the contents of their remotes, content will be cached locally in a proxy repository as it is requested through Nexus. Try running some builds against Nexus that use components stored in the Artifactory instance.

yes, before I have tried to do as what you said, but it doesn’t work. So here I guess that here Nexus has any Compatibility issue with Nexus (vice versa)?
(Concretely, it reports 404… but if i have access to the package from the origin url, it works.)

You might want to have a look here, we’ve seen a few cases where reverse proxy’s in front of artifactory caused this: