Using Nexus as docker registry

My Setup

  • Ingress Routes (example dns names and resolving using host file)

  • Created self signed certificate for both dns.

  • Repository Browsing working

  • Trying to login to nexus docker registry

       ⚙️  $ docker login
		Username: admin
		INFO[0005] Error logging in to endpoint, trying next endpoint  error="Get\"\": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority"
		Get "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I know this is more on ingress controller certificate management, but just want to check if someone has configured this using non existing domain and with self signed certificate?

Second thing what are the best practices when we take this to production while using:

  • K8S platform for deployment
  • Ingress for accessing
  • Do we need to existing domain name at least for docker stuff, so that registry name should get resolved from different components through full CI/CD life cycle?

Any help will be appreciated.

Docker is pretty picky about certificates, have a look here: