View Component tagging in nexus3



I’ve created a tag and associated it with a component.
Where I can find the tag details?


Hi Vinay,

I am also facing the same problem.
I created a tag with attributes inside it and associated the same with component and I am able to see the association through Rest APIs but its not visible anywhere on component UI page.
I have Nexus PRO 3.13.0-01 installed.
Any solution on this?


The ability to see Tags on components in the UI was added in Nexus Repository Manager Pro 3.14. Also you will need to be logged in with user credentials that has the privilege to view the Tags.

Please see guides for more information on Tag privileges. Hope this helps!



Thank you for your quick response,

Can you share with us how the tag attributes will look like and for that where we have to go because in the screenshot you provided above its just showing what all component is tagged with component and I am curious to know this.


No Problem, happy to help…

If you click on the Tag

It will bring you to a view like this

I encourage you to experiment using the enhance search, very cool way to find things!





Thanks for the information .

We are using native build engine commands to upload artifacts to Nexus repository as shown below:

For Gradle:
def String gradleTasks = sh(script: “chmod a+x ${pipeProperties.projectDirectory}/gradlew && ‘${pipeProperties.projectDirectory}/gradlew’ --no-daemon tasks -b ${pipeProperties.projectDirectory}/build.gradle”, returnStdout: true).trim()

def String task = (gradleTasks ==~ /(?ms).Publishing tasks./) ? ‘publish’ : ‘upload’

sh “’${pipeProperties.projectDirectory}/gradlew’ --no-daemon ${task} -b ${pipeProperties.projectDirectory}/build.gradle”

For Maven:
sh “’${mvnHome}/bin/mvn’ -f ${projectDirectory}/pom.xml deploy -Dmaven.test.skip=true -s ${projectDirectory}/settings.xml”

1. Is there any other way to implement Component tagging by modifying above native commands?

2. If multiple artifacts are getting uploaded using above commands then how does we do the component tagging?