"waive policy violations" permission

Is it possible to create an option to give Wavier access to only specific roles, because in some roles even though in remediations wavie policy violation was dissabled but still they can see that waiver tab. If we have an option to give access to only specific roles then it will be a best option.

Request #40756

Hi Vamshidar,

Thank you for reaching out.
If I understand correctly the remediation permissions as shown in your screenshot should work as you are expecting. Disabling “Waive policy Violation” permissions will disable any action on the waiver but will still allow you to view the waiver tab.
If you are looking to hide the viewing of the waiver tab then this is currently not possible.

I am happy to discuss this further with you should you need further clarification.



Thanks Mark,

It was just an idea to disable waiver tab, Becauses by watching that waiver tab some users may think that they had waiver access. But based on your infromation I’m aware of it and I will inform to my Application manager.