What is folder "blob" in docker repository?


What is folder “blob” in docker repository? In it exist any assets application/vnd.docker.image.rootfs.diff.tar.gzip type with size very large.

In the context of the Docker registry, garbage collection is the process of removing blobs from the filesystem when they are no longer referenced by a manifest. Blobs can include both layers and manifests.

Deleted several tags and manifests, but asset blobs still exist.

My storage it’s full!!

Docker doesn’t upload single files.

It has manifests, that references other files (layers) by hash.

There should be a task in Nexus you can run to remove unused files - Tasks

You can delete tags safely, but don’t directly delete manifests or blobs. Manifests can reference other manifests, and blobs (image layers) are shared across multiple images. Delete tags, and then run the remove unused manifests and layers task.



Thanks for all!