What is the best way to auto maintain snapshots with classifier?

Hi guys,
Currently we’re using "Delete SNAPSHOT Task’ to automate delete the old snapshots, here are the key parameters of the task:
Minimum snapshot count: 5
Snapshot retention (days): 30

The task runs as our expectation until we add classifier suffix to the jar files (for different environment, compiled in different time), as nexus use GAV only when it delete the snapshots, it doesn’t use classifier at all. so if no any changes in 30 days, after the "Delete SNAPSHOT Task“ runs, it delete old snapshots and just keep 5 version, regardless of the classifier, and cause the artifacts for some environments be deleted unexpectedly。

Ideally we expect that Nexus could keep 5 snapshots for one “GAV + classifier”, is it possible?
Nexus version: 3.31.1-01

Thank you in advance for your help!

Thanks for your question. It isn’t currently possible to isolate snapshot removal (or cleanup) to one classifier, unfortunately, although I can understand why you’d want that. Out of curiosity, how many separate classifiers are you using for your most complex builds?

Currently we’re using 3 code branches, corresponding to three environments: dev, test, release. we defined different classifier for each code branch, so that the ‘dev’ jars will never enter the ‘test’ environment.