What is the current version of Repository?

I wanted to update our Repo instance to the latest version, so as usual I downloaded a new tarball from https://download.sonatype.com/nexus/3/latest-unix.tar.gz
This downloaded a file called nexus-3.54.1-01-unix.tar.gz, which I went to check the release notes for. It seems this version doesn’t exist (yet?). I also couldn’t find any information about 3.54.0, which imho should also exist, following your normal versioning-scheme.

So, my question is: which version should I now install?

Looks like we had a hiccup publishing the release notes, @malice. Thanks for writing, we’ll get that sorted.

I was doing further checking on this: I also don’t see a tag/release in GitHub, or am I just waaaaay early in finding this new version?

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The release notes are now available Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.54.0 - 3.54.1 Release Notes

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