What is the NEXUS equivalent of list of tags associated with an image - eg http://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/library/debian/tags/?page_size=20

What would be the equivalent of this command using my own local docker repository

Trying to hit my NEXUS repos with a docker repos on 999 for myapp gives me an error

What would be the nexus equivalenet??

I just want to grab a list of tags for an image

Hello there!

You can reach this even by CURL command.

As an example:
curl -X GET <your_nexus_instance>:8081/repository<your_docker_repository>/v2/<namespace>/<iamgename>/tags/list
In case if you have no anonymous access for namespace or docker-repository at all you need to provide -u and -p options to CURL-command.

You can read information about docker registry API here: HTTP API V2 | Docker Documentation
Don’t forget that is not a Nexus API :slight_smile: