What kind of disk should I use? (Azure, Premium SSD, Standard SSD, Standard HDD)

Hey, guys.

I have deployed a nexus repository into Azure but I’m wondering what type of disks should I have used for it.
Nexus uses a large amount of space and I would rather save a bit on it if possible.

Azure has 3 types of disks:

  • Premium SSD
  • Standard SSD
  • Standard HDD

Do you think Premium SSD would be need for nexus? I know it also depends on the usage it has, but we are like 15 people working with it and we use it to store docker images and python packages mostly. Devs are not downloading them all the time. CI also uses it.

Any tip would be welcomed!


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If you are using Nexus Repository Manager Pro we have an Azure Blob Store plugin which we tested using the Standard SSD. If you are just on OSS that’s not an option but I think you’d probably be fine with the Standard HDD. Storage space is more likely to be a limiting factor that HDD speed, though a slow enough disk can cause problems with the internal database.

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It’s also worth noting that there is an open bug against NXRM running on Azure that you might run into since you are using docker images. https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/NEXUS-27469

Yeah, I will try to switch to the HDD and check if it is good enough for us! Thanks a lot for your input!