What's the way in integrate a new format into Sonatype community github

Hi everybody,

For my company, we are using sonatype Nexus for multiples formats, but one was missing: Ansible Galaxy.
Ansible is a great tool to automate tasks in general for a server, for everything
Ansible galaxy are pre-packaged roles to performs these tasks.
They can be published on the official public repo or internal git (or github) repo.

Actually there is no alternative for private repositories.
Sonatype Nexus can be the first one.

I found a repository on github and helped the maintainer for adding new features for this format:

For better visibility, we want to migrate the repository into the official sonatype project.

Is it possible ? what are the tasks to perform ?


Usage for that format is likely to be too low for Sonatype to want to support it, so we are highly unlikely to consider pulling that format into the main product. If you are a paying customer you can help us track demand for that format by adding an idea to the ideas portal. If you are an OSS user you can open a ticket on our jira in the Dev - Nexus Repo (NEXUS) project.

an intermediate option could be to add it to Sonatype Exchange https://my.sonatype.com/exchange

IIUC, this is done by contributing to the corresponding community forum https://community.sonatype.com/tags/c/exchange/33/nexus-repository-3

Thanks for your answers.
I didn’t mean to integrate the official Nexus product, because that format won’t be usefull for many people.
But maybe a repository in the community github project, like composer (the PHP format):

Following up on this, the Ansible Galaxy format plugin is currently under my name on Github. I am also in favor of moving it to the Sonatype community Github organization for better visibility and support, similar to other repos in that org. I originally developed this plugin for my own use, but it has grown a bit and I am not very timely in providing updates. Being able to have other maintainers would be a huge help.

Can I transfer the repo and do any setup so that others can assist in its support?


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Thanks everyone for your comments and inputs in this thread. Huge thanks to Ross for developing and supporting it. We’re constantly impressed with the tools and plug-ins that are available in the community. We’re not bringing in new community formats at this time, but this is a format we’re watching and will continue to monitor demand. If things change in the future, we’ll keep you updated. Thanks!


Great work on this Ross. Ansible is crucial for DevOps folks and seeing your plugin was a big win and certainly would love to see this in the Sonatype community Github organization. I think there’s a chicken and the egg situation (usage wise for Sonatype) as I’m certainly not the only one in DevOps land ‘looking’ for a way to handle this without adding additional architecture beyond Nexus so I’m not just running off private git repos (hosting or with convoluted work arounds) like most of us may do that don’t publish non public content to Galaxy directly (only ‘select’ things that aren’t considered intellectual property of the companies we work for). Being able to ‘proxy’ is a big deal to accelerate automation weaved into so many DevOps and SRE processes. Generally, a lot of us don’t want to setup more architecture to support Ansible Galaxy and simply use Nexus3 for every use case we can.

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