Where are stored uploaded files - Nexus 3?

Hello. I have installed on my VPS Nexus 3. I upload nupkg file and I want to find it on my VPS. Where is this file stored? Which folder?

It’ll be in whatever blobstore is configured for your repository.

We don’t display the folder anywhere in the UI. Assuming you haven’t changed anything about the blobstores, then the file will be buried somewhere under <sonatype-work>/nexus3/blobstores/default.

Yes. But I can find this file in blop default folder or this file is encrypted or something like this? I cant find this file in this folder, I have some “weird” files and folders.

Think of the blob store like a database. If you want to identify the actual file that matches up you need to know the blob id and maybe which folders that blob id should be contained by (I don’t recall if the id is unique or not). You can see a reference to the blob in the summary when browsing or searching for the nupkg, it will look something like “default@046B0F82-A2CDC3B1-3062E1AB-6D427111-25321311:6c9fdba6-3ef6-438c-a94c-fb4c18726e7a”. In this case the file would be named “6c9fdba6-3ef6-438c-a94c-fb4c18726e7a.bytes” (the .properties contains additional information about the file).

That said, why do you want to find the file on the filesystem?