Where could I found maven nexus-plugin-api documentation?

I’m trying to uplaod artifacts to my nexus through my code source using api. I foung this plugin that seems to do what I want to do :


Maven Repository: org.sonatype.nexus » nexus-plugin-api. But I don’t find a documentation over the internet ?
Please could you please, tell me where I could find the documentation ?
Thanks in advance.

You can use the swagger UI in Nexus Repo to find the available API’s and try them out:


The upload API’s are documented here:


Hi rseddon. Thanks for your answer. Yes I already found the swagger and the documentation links you provided, but they don’t explain how to authenticate for example.

Instead of developing a plugin from scratch that embedded the curl request, I tought that this sonar-api-plugin could do the job.

I’m going to develop my own plugin based on links you provided. Thanks