Why avoid to use glusterfs for the blob storage?

hello everyone. In the fllow website, it showed some suggestion about blob storage.

I don’t know why avoid to use glusterfs for the blob storage? In my cluster, I use glusterf7.5 replica volume 1 * 3 for the blob storage of nexus3.27. By the way, I knew that glusterfs Distributed Volumes is danagerous for nexus. So I changed it for replica volume 1 * 3.

We’ve seen multiple cases of unresolvable performance problems when glusterfs is used.


thanks for answer. few days ago, I also met some problems with glusterfs Distributed volume when I restarted the gluster cluster.
it caused that a blob could not make the es dulk adding to index document during uploading .
By the way, could you list some examples about unresolvable performance problems when you use it ? thanks.