Why I get a 502 error when I'm going to get maven-metadata.xml from URL of a Nexus Repository?

Hello to everyone,

I’m asking to you an issue that I’m meeting inside Nexus.
We’re trying to get a maven-metadata.xml file from one of our Repository, IAP_Snapshots, from this link: https://iap.bmwgroup.net/nexus/repository/IAP_Snapshots/com/bmw/ispi/air/central/maven-metadata.xml

After a while the page return a 502 error for Bad Gateway but I don’t know why because only this file returns this type of error.
For example from this other URL I manage to get this maven files: https://iap.bmwgroup.net/nexus/repository/IAP_Snapshots/com/bmw/ispi/air/central/air/maven-metadata.xml

What can be the problem?
Thanks in advance,

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Likely a proxy or reverse proxy between you and Nexus.