Why it report "The remote doesn't support revisions." when running conan install after I add a nexus conan proxy repository as a remote?

My nexus server is 3.41.0
I need to use this nexus as an conan repository. So I tried to add a conan proxy as a conan server. After I add a new conan remote and run command conan install . --output-folder=build --build=missing ,it can’t resolve the package in conanfile.txt and report the error ERROR: Package 'zlib/1.2.11' not resolved: The remote doesn't support revisions. Conan 2.0 is no longer compatible with remotes that don't accept revisions.. [Remote: conan-proxy]
It seems that the nexus repository didn’t support revisions.
What should I do to make it work and successfully install dependencies by nexus conan repository?
Could anybody explain why is that happened and tell me how to solve this problem?
Here is the output when I run the conan install command.

Hi 志强 田,
Conan 2.0 got released just a couple of days ago and one of the changes it has introduced is a requirement for servers to support revisions feature. Unfortunately, as of today, Nexus Repository does not support this feature. The only way for you to resolve this problem is to downgrade your Conan client to 1.x version. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Dawid Sawa,sorry for reply so late.
Your solution just solved my problem very well. Thank for your assisstance.

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