Why my new release doesn't appear in maven?

I have a few artifacts I successfully released through Nexus Repository Manager.
I can search for it and I can use it from code.

However, when I release a new version, although I successfully pass all the steps of releasing (all check passes).

(Sorry, no additional images enabled for new users, so I have to write it. :frowning: )

In content, I can see the versioning is ok. Then when closing, it tells me the “All rules passed: Central Sync Requirement” and the repo is closed. When I release it is all ok and also it is released and theoritically sends me notification in mail.

So it looks like all is correct. It is also mentions that I will get email notification emails and they are never received. (For the first release I’ve got the emails and I double checked the email address assigned to my profile is correct and alive.)

I know it takes a 10-15 minutes the artifacts to appear in the search and several hours to turn up in maven, but I can’t find or use released I published weeks ago. I always saw only the original releases.

What do I miss? Where did I do wrong?


Well, it seems I made something wrong, because my last release appeared in the repo. :slight_smile:

This forum is for Nexus Repository Manager the product.
If this is about publish to maven central you should open a ticket in JIRA as you did when you signed up your project.