Will NXRM Receive HTTP 429 From Maven Central

Will instances of Nexus Repository Manager possibly be subject to seeing HTTP 429 errors from Maven Central as a consequence of the changes that are due to be implemented shortly, announced in Maven Central and the tragedy of the commons

The linked article rightly suggests use of caching proxies such as NXRM as a means of offloading traffic from Maven Central and thus reducing the risk of 429 errors… but I just want to double-check to be sure, After all, what if my NXRM has been misconfigured and is generating more requests than would be expected?

As a total aside… is it just me, or is there a bug in Community whereby preferences are not set properly? I simply cannot get Dark Mode to work.

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@msymons Catching up after PTO so apologies for the delay! I think I have fixed the Dark mode issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! If it’s still not working for you, please let me know (or if we can make any improvements to it - some of the logos are still a little funky with it, but working on it.)

Also will try to get you an answer to your initial question as well.

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A caching proxy should not be generating enough traffic to get itself throttled. If it shares an egress ip with un proxied traffic then it is possible but we would attempt to exclude RMs.

Bottom line is if your org is appropriately using an RM the. There shouldn’t be any concern.

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@mfrost, the dark mode now works perfectly for me. Thank you very much for the fix.

@brianf, thanks for your reply. The observation about shared egress ip does apply in our environment. Thus, I logged this enhancement for Dependency-Track to ensure that it behaves as a good citizen. And I’ll be looking into log aggregation so that I can keep and eye on Jenkins servers, etc. Just in case. They are all supposed to use our Nexus RM!

A couple of follow-up queries…

  1. Will the HTTP 429 responses include a Retry-After header?
  2. Does Nexus Repository Manager provide any metrics in this area (or plans for same)? Perhaps as another differentiating feature to encourage Nexus OSS users to migrate to Pro?