Working with Docker as remote registry

Hi guys,
I have the next setup:

  1. I have a number of Win7 PCs with a docker.exe file on them (can’t install docker on win 7)
  2. I have a Linux server with docker installed (the PCs run docker commands on this server’s daemon,
    using DOCKER_HOST env var)
  3. NEXUS as remote registry.

The problem I’m encountering is that i have to run “docker login” from each PC. I would like to have to do it only once - run “docker login” in the server once, and have every device connected to the server run docker commands on the NEXUS registry. Is that possible? Is it a configuration issue?

Thank you very much

If it can be done it would be something done in docker, not Nexus Repo. So this isn’t the right place to be asking. But it seems like it might be possible with the right credentials store?