Yum GPG public key hosting

Following this article (GPG signatures for Yum Proxy/Group), there is no clarification around if any action is needed :
Alternatively, instead of link to file, you can use link to public key on hosted repository, e.g. http://host.docker.internal:8081/repository/keys/RPM-GPGKEY-nxrmtest.
Is there any action needed on my side to make this accessible from the example URL? The public key resides in /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/ and there are no options to upload.

Many thanks

Hi Julien,
Yes, you need to somehow distribute the public key to your users so they can verify your Yum metadata files hosted in your proxy and group repositories. You can do this by by any way you desire (NFS, email, DropBox, whatever) so that they can put the file on their systems and link point to that file in their Yum configuration. The quote you posted, says that instead of using those external systems to distribute your public key, you (the person who generated the key), can upload the file to the NXRM Raw Hosted repository, and then your users can configure their Yum client to download it form your NXRM server, hence no need to distribute the key outside of NXRM (Yum will download it from that link). To put it simply, what I would suggest is:

  1. Create a raw hosted repository, or use an existing one
  2. Upload your Yum public key to that repository, you can upload via Web UI or cURL
  3. Share a link to the public key file you have uploaded with your Yum users
  4. Your Yum users should configure their Yum client to use their distributions’ key plus the link you shared with them
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