Yum repositories: How to change default metadata generation default time

Reading the documentation for nexus oss 3 I found the following:

When an RPM is uploaded, the Yum metadata will be generated after the configured value (default 60 seconds).


How can that default value of 60s be changed?


I’d like to take a step back here… why are you wanting that to be changed? If you’re having a problem with slow metadata generation upgrade to the new 3.29.0 release, we’ve fixed a few significant issues in yum metadata generation in that release.


Hi Rich,
Thanks for your feedback.
Where can I read from the new improvements about metadata generation?
I’m also interested to know more details about the metadata generation operation and how it works (specially the related source code).
I had some problems when updating packages to hosted repository and I need more information so I can debug it for new issues.
The issue is the new packages not appearing after uploading even cleaning the client cache when the new packages are already listed in Nexus manager.
I also would like to find a way to trigger a manual rebuild (script API) of metadata without depending on yum metadata repair task. This would be useful for CI integration.

The release notes include some information about bug fixes that could prevent packages from appearing in metadata.

There is a delay for rebuild because the operation can be expensive so it is not recommended to change the setting.

Hi Matthew,
Thank you for your feedback.
Is there any event for metadata update, so in a CI pipeline could be possible to receive the notification about the package availability?