YUM repository for Maven managed repository

Nexus 2 has spectacular capability to scan maven repository and create YUM repository for it.

This was used in our building and distribution process.
We are using rpm-maven-plugin with attached-rpm goal for building and deploying artifacts and rpms to the nexus repository.

Than Nexus creates YUM repositories and merges them into groups.

We just point YUM client to nexus manager and install our artifacts on desired server.

As far as I understand Nexus 3 does not have such capability.

Now it is mandatory to select Maven or YUM repository type.

Do you have any plans to implement this capability in Nexus 3?
Otherwise we will have to keep working with Nexus 2.

That functionality is not planned for Nexus Repo 3, yum and maven repositories are separate entities in it.

I do have a few thoughts though…

If you’re using Jenkins for these deploys you could have the Nexus Platform plugin separately deploy the rpm file at the end of the maven build:


Or, if you’re using Nexus Repo Pro you could tag the rpm files, and use staging to move them into a yum repository.



Hi Rich;

I’m having trouble finding any examples involving a basic non-tagging push of a Yum something-1.2.3-1.x86_64.rpm to a repos, and I’m not finding much hints for the attributes for the non-maven nexusPublisher call in Jenkinsfile by digging through Groovy code (I might not have even found the right version to dig through). As a gitOps -minded coder, I’d rather version-control text so functioning examples (anonymized of course) are the best resource.

Have you seen a non-Maven example anywhere?

I’d appreciate any examples from which I can learn.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Very same challenge here, I cannot find the relevant attributes to tag a RPM. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !