YUM repository storing decompressed files in blob store

I’m doing a local yum proxy of the Fedora mirror at Facebook Mirror. I’m getting errors on metadata files in the repo that are named like [hash].xml.gz or [hash].yaml.gz. On the client server I’m getting an error saying that the file hash is incorrect. Upon investigation, when I pull down the file from nexus manually and directly from the public mirror the nexus copy is much larger than in the public mirror, and examining the file shows that it is the uncompressed content of the file, not the compressed file as it should be. Nexus reports the size to be the uncompressed size. I’m running OSS 3.42.0-01 in a docker container from sonatype/nexus:latest. Additionally, these valid metadata files (.xml.gz and .yaml.gz so far) fail to cache with strict type checking on on the repo.

Hi Jason, this is something you could file a bug report for in JIRA https://issues.sonatype.org

Created NEXUS-36083