Yup-proxy multiple rhel versions & export


As preparation for a change in a pro version at my work I’m trying to add 2 yum proxy repos with 2 different rhel versions to the OSS version (3.37.0-01) of the product. I can manage to get one or the other to be active and working with setting the correct keyfile (manual followed) so the key matches the license for that version, but the moment I use the keyfile with both keys, it only uses the last one added, resulting in only 1 of the 2 repos working.

Is there a way to assign a key to a repo to be used for that repo only so I can link the correct key to the repo?

Also, the main reason for the proxy setup is that we now make a dump of repos in pulp for air-gapped use, but in pulp you need to dump the complete repo. Is there an export to dump the available repo files (the ones that were used) to disk for use in the air-gapped environment? (as a repo from disk, no nexus setup available there)


Jan Huijsmans

Ok, I just discovered that what I want to test is only available in the pro version, both the client cert per repo (what is needed for multiple RHEL versions when you have a developer license) as well as exports. (and then I still wouldn’t know is it would be what we are looking for. It would have been nice to be able to test this.

Ah well, the OSS version looks nice for free repos though.