About the Backup and Restore feature in Nexus Repository OSS,if the Restart is necessary?

I just learned from the Chapter Backup and Restore, it mentioned when excute the repository manager restore,it need restart the NXRM.
if there is any way to complete this without restart the NXRM service? we want to keep the NXRM in service always.
thank you for all your help!

If you are restoring from a backup, Nexus cannot be running while you are doing that.

Is there no other way? We want to synchronize and service customers in real time in another region, just like mysql master-slave replication

Hi leesirc,
You might be interested in using Repository Replication feature that we offer in Nexus Repository Pro.

yes, I have known about this Repository Replication feature in Nexus Repository Pro from the official documentation, but I want to implement it in Nexus 3 OSS

In OSS, your only real option is to use proxies.