Autoblock status not resolved for proxied repo

We are proxying Maven and Grails repos and see cases where they become auto blocked and do not resolve even though the upstream is available. I am trying to understand what the underlying reason is.

Our hypothesis is that the build process is trying to pull packages that do not exist in the proxied repos and it keeps re-triggering auto block. Our build process iterates through repos and pulls packages from proxied repos as well as internal repos. I see logs messages like:

2022-03-07 09:09:08,636-0600 INFO [Check Status] *UNKNOWN - R
epository status for REPO_NAME continued as AUTO_BLOCKED_UNAVAILABLE until 2022-03-07T09:12:28.635-06:00 - reason Internal Server Error for (previous reason was Internal Server Error for

Is there any way to mitigate the issue? I do not think setting up a group repo will work for our use case.

We are running Nexus 3.37.3.


The problem you are running into is that JFrog Artifactory repositories return a 5xx error response when it should be returning a 4xx response for missing content. I’m asking around to see if we identified a workaround but the problem is that Repository Manager can’t tell the difference between a broken server and a JFrog Artifactory server.

I guess the only real workaround is to disable the auto-blocking functionality for that repository. Sadly, this means if Artifactory goes offline the repository won’t block itself.