Content selector not working

Hi, when I use the content selector to restrict access to anything that has “api” in the artifact name, it is not working.

  1. Created content selector with regex format == “maven2” and path =~ “.api
  2. create the priv the role and the user as per the screenshots attached. But then I login as the user i just see the message “no components or assets found”

If I give my user browse or read access on that repo I see everything

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 13.43.21

Just to add when using the preview button it is showing exactly what I want it to. So this expression returns correctly in preview but the user when logging in on browse sees nothing

format == “maven2” and path =~ “/|/com/|/com/celertech/celertech-baseserver/.*”

For browser the user needs permission to access each level of the tree not just the leaf node. Earlier versions worked differently however it was not performant when users had a large number of content selectors.

Do you have an example of this?