Deleted admin role, now cannot log-in

Nexus OSS 3.12.0-01

I had created a nexus role ‘nexus-administrators’ which was mapped to an AD group so that a set of people have admin access to Nexus. We had been using this set-up for several months without any issues. I disabled the local admin user.

Today, I wanted to change the AD group but a role cannot be edited, so I deleted the existing role but forgot to create a new one(with a new AD group, yeah, I know it’s the dumbest thing one can do :frowning: ), now I or any other admin. cannot log-in Nexus.

Is there a workaround for this? Reinstalling is not an option as it has lots of repositories and other configurations.

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We have a knowledge base article that may help solve the issue. See: How to reset a forgotten admin password in Nexus 3.x – Sonatype Support


Worked like breeze, thanks :slight_smile: