Getting 504 bad gateway error

This is Viswanadh, Our gradle builds are failing at the task :audit with the error of 504 bad gateway time-out. We are using the registered user only for running audit in oss index.
The failure rate is very high, after multiple time triggering the job only it is getting success. We are seeing issue in both bitbucket pipelines and jenkins pipelines

Please find the error message we are getting below

  • What went wrong:

Execution failed for task ‘:audit’.

Error trying to get audit results: Gateway Time-out (504)

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We are seeing very similar issues in our pipeline, since last week. We added retry attempts on timeout to our automated builds with a few sec delays, but it seems to be very unstable, there are scenarios when it only manages to establish OSSI on ~10 attempts. Just today a new error type popped up as well - instead of the Gateway Time-out we started to see Bad Gateway error as well, which seems to randomly vanish as well after a few retries.

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Hi @viswa658 and @nandorszabo - apologies for the delayed response. Are you still having trouble? Assuming you are a licensed customer, your authorized support contact can open a ticket about this at

We use auditjs with the OSSI mode to scan our dependencies and have also been seeing this happen since last week. I had tried to create a new registered user and this seemed to work for a day before the audit started to fail with both Gateway timeout and bad gateway errors like @nandorszabo mentioned. I had wondered if maybe our IP addresses had been blacklisted exceeding the rate limit but I’m not sure we call it that often to trigger this.

Thanks @pjwebstudio & all - I did pass this along to our team to make sure they were aware and they are investigating. Stay tuned.

Hi everyone, please check out this thread with information about these OSS Index errors. I am closing this thread and any further conversation can happen there.