How to configure longer session timeouts

Hi all,

I recently set up a Nexus Repository Manager 3 - OSS and I wonder how I can extend the session timeout. I found the UI: Settings capability and set the “Session timeout” setting to a week (10080 minutes) but still I’m logged out if I come back to the UI after a while (at least each morning).

I suspect the session is kept alive only if the Web UI is open (but I usually use the rest/service plain view to browse the repositories, which then just returns some empty page…)

Am I missing some setting?


Hi @svogt and welcome to the Sonatype Community!

I think this past thread may answer your question: How can I stay signed in?



Well only in part. In my case I never close the browser and it still kills the session…

Maybe to clarify further, I’m logging myself in, browse to a particular Maven repo, click on the HTML View button and then idleing here: [host]/service/rest/repository/browse/[repo]/x/y/z

Still after a while I hit F5 or click on another directory and see an empty page. Going back to [host] I can see that I’m logged out again. So seems there is a session cookie timeout not tied to the UI capability config, or my config is not used… How to verify that?

Likely your browser decides the session is over.

Thanks - I’ve now created a screenshot of my session cookie value and will check tomorrow what happens.

Unfortunately that’s not it.
Checked via Chrome Developer Tools and the NXSESSIONID cookie is still present and has the same value as yesterday, but I’m still logged out and the HTML view (/service/rest/repository/browse/) throws 404 errors whatever I enter. Moving back to the normal UI I can see I’m logged out while even then NXSESSIONID is the same value as yesterday where the login was created.

Opened NEXUS-28598 - let’s see if this is confirmed.