I can't find the components of Maven or Nuget

Hello, I’m new to Nexus and only yesterday I installed it on my computer, when I log in as an administrator I access Browse to see the components of Nuget or Maven I feel empty.

Also if I enter the Nuget proxy url which is “https : //www.nuget.org/api/v2/”, the following message appears.

So I did not know that I did wrong in the installation or I need some configuration to make. I would appreciate a lot of your help and guidance on Nexus.

Hi @n.floresja, welcome to the Sonatype Nexus Community!

Most likely, you have installed Nexus correctly. The Browse view will only show components that you have downloaded through Nexus. Components that exist in Maven Central or NuGet Gallery will not be shown unless you download them first.

We have some guides on our side to help get you started. This one should provide some value: Nexus Repository Manager - Proxying Maven and npm Quick Start - Sonatype Guides

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