Is there any way in Nexus 3 can track the requests for using references with a specific key and report it

I need to track the requests coming to Nexus remote/private repo with a specific key to each request source.
How Nexus 3 can be configured to track it and report it.

For ex :- I have a repo - maven2 [ remote]. There are projects ABC, XYZ, PQR are current using this repo.
How could i get the track report as follows

[Project] [No of times references] [Repo]
ABC 10 Maven2
XYZ 1 Maven2
PQR 5 Maven2

I could not see how i can directly configure in Nexus 3, is there any out of box utility to generate this. Is there any custom scripting I can do on top of Nexus 3 to generate this report as administrator.

Are the requests from each project tied to a specific userid? If so, the simplest thing to do is parse the request.log for those user ids and generate a report that way. There are all sorts of ways one can parse request logs.


Thankyou Plynch,

Let me check and try the option you suggested.