Maven hosted (snapshot) not showing in upload page


I created a maven2 hosted snapshot repository, and it is not showing in upload page.

In the upload page, I can see release and mixed policy hosted repository but not snapshots.

I have npm hosted snapshot repository and I am able to see as well.

Only unable to see maven2 hosted snapshot in upload page.

Any idea?


Hi Joseph,
I believe that manual upload to snapshot repositories is not supported. Uploading such artefacts should be done by building tools like Apache Maven.
As a workaround, You can always use ‘Mixed’ type repository.

I see. That explain it, but why npm hosted snapshot is able to?

It’s been a long standing policy that we don’t allow upload of snapshots via the Nexus UI.

There are a lot of good reasons for this, you can find one example of the reasoning here:

Thanks for the clarification, @rseddon.

But still doesn’t explain for npm hosted respository?

You should see an upload UI for npm hosted. I am confused by “npm hosted snapshot” though… npm does not have snapshot format repositories, snapshots are a maven concept and do not exist in other formats.

Hi @rseddon,

My bad, I didn’t look at the correctly place.

Thanks for the explanation.