[nexus-iq-cli] The pattern of the Target option is not supported on Windows

We are trying to launch a scan using nexus-iq-cli-1.96.0-01 on Windows Server, but we got :
[ERROR] The input path 'C:\\GitLab-Runner\builds\packages\**\*.nupkg' does not exist.

The command launched looks like :
java -jar C:\Tools\nexus-iq-cli.jar -a $user:$password -i "test_nexusIQ" -s "https://localhost:8080/" "C:\GitLab-Runner\builds\packages\**\*.nupkg"

When we replace **\*.nupkg with packages\** or packages it works but we need to specify the exact file extension to exclude .dll and .exe files, for example.

Do you have an idea? We found a demo on Youtube with the same result but didn’t find a working example.