Nexus IQ upgrade from 56 to latest version 75

we are planning to upgrade Nexus -IQ from version 56 to latest version 75 .Please let us know the process. Can we upgrade from 56 directly to 75 version ?Is the upgrade procedure same as we did while upgrading to 56 from 1.45 ?Please assist …

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Hi Nagashree.B,

Thank you for reaching out. The upgrade is fairly straight forward and you can upgrade straight to the latest version of the IQ Server. Please review release notes and Upgrade documentation so that you are fully prepared. Cheers!

Hi ,
Thank you for the assistance.I have upgraded to new version 1.75 .But the instance is having a LDAP issue while authenticating .PLease check the attached logs and assist us immediately …

Nagashree.Bout.docx (100.1 KB) clm-server.docx (349.3 KB) audit.docx (3.3 KB) request.docx (6.9 KB)

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Thank you Rich…I have submitted a request in the support site .Please assist …