How to explicitly define JAVA version to be used in starting of Nexus_IQ 1.56v?

I had recently upgraded Nexus-IQ from 1.24v to 1.44v in our Production & will be upgrading it further to 1.56 version in next week.for the same ,i did edit in ~/.bashrc for exporting JAVA_HOME variable and sourced it before starting the new instance.Instance has started very well & running but later when i logged out of server & logged in back ,i could see the JAVA_HOME variable for the same user is older .Could you please let me know how to explicitly make Nexus-IQ instance of 1.56v to use New JAVA version while starting ?


It depends on how you’re starting IQ Server. If you’re using our service script here then just specify the full path to the java executable in the “do_start()” method, rather than just “java”:

Thank you .That helped a lot :slight_smile: