Nexus NPM 3 json does not return the latest version of package

I upgraded Nexus Repository manager from Nexus 2 to Nexus 3.22.0-2 by using Update HTTP download option. I successfully synced all packages and repos. I can’t see all my users/repos/packages on Nexus 3 console.
Nexus 3 is on new instance and running Linux with docker images

But when I try to install a package with npm install with nexus npm 3 url configured. npm can’t find the package.
when I checked the nexus npm3 https://,
latest: 1.0.0

But when I check the version on nexus 2 URL
I see the latest version in json output.

latest: 4.2.1-beta.1

This version and all version between 1.00- 4.2 are also available on Nexus 3 repo. I can browse them.
Why Nexus 3 npm does not show 4.2.X versions?
I tried to rebuild metadata, invalidate cache but it did not help.

Do you have any idea about the problem?