Nexus Repository 2.15.0 Released

We are pleased to announce Nexus Repository 2.15.0. This release includes a number of bug fixes and dependency updates, including upgrading Jetty from version 8 to 9.4. You may need to make configuration changes.

See the release notes for more details on this release.

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The docker image sonatype/nexus:oss for 2.15.0-04 (digest 7e3ac17402593e8db3682020694e26e611a2f9fcd6bd0ba4ab25f1d7d2654da5) seems to be broken.
The container starts, but requests to http://localhost:8081/nexus/service/local/status do not return a response. Nor does the admin interface show up on /nexus.

Reverting to sonatype/nexus:2.14.21-02 fixes the problems, so it is definitely caused by the new image.

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Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look at the docker images to see what has happened there.

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I’ve opened an issue here for this: [NEXUS-31560] Docker image for OSS 2.15.0 does not work - Sonatype JIRA


There should be a new image published

I had the same issue today. I had to revert to the previous version

Thank you. I can confirm the new image works as expected.