Not deleted repositories and space reclaimed in blobstore

I had a large blob stores with multiple repositories, so, I should split them and created a blobstore per repository.

But, the original blobstores still have the same size- 183 Gb. It tried the ‘compact blob store’ task without success.

It rans the “Listing the Size of File-based Repositories and Blobstores” scripts and I could notice in the reports than the repositories are still there!
And, the report indicates that there were some reclaimable bytes:
“reclaimableBytes”: 450789278,
“totalBytes”: 901897703

“totalBlobStoreBytes”: 194712943599,
“totalReclaimableBytes”: 451581108,
“totalRepoNameMissingCount”: 18

How could I reclaim them?
any ideas?