Purge libs-snapshot-local Cannot get Repo details to write delete script

We using Nexus 3.15 on Linux, and have had many team place there artifacts in the libs-snapshot-local repo.
Im looking to remove all versions but the most recent 5, some have 50+. Im looking to enhance a shell script to perform this function since the API only delete’s one artifact at a time. (Article: How to clean your Nexus Release Repositories – akquinet AG – Blog) The issue I am encountering is that I cannot get the path correct.

When I use the API Get Components using the GUI, it does not provide me with anything currently stored in libs-snapshot-local that I was expecting.
See the attachment for details. Please help!

The CleanUp policies are to far sweeping to execute a clean up. I need to make a blanket, keep latest 5 versions for all repos. Therefore; published before does not meet the need.

Nexus_Community_May_2020.docx (53.5 KB)