Releasing artifacts from nexus to maven central

I have been working in an organization in which we maintain Nexus repository manager OSS 3.16.1-02 .

I have successfully pushed my artifacts in maven-release repository in Nexus. But my need is to release those artifacts to maven central repository.

With the nexus I have been using I couldn’t see any option to release the artifacts to maven central by verifying it. Please let us know any other option available to release the artifacts using nexus repository manager as OSS.

Note: Other option I could see is to release via OSSRH . But any option to accomplish the same in Nexus repository manager via OSS

Unfortunately, what you’re looking for doesn’t exist in NXRM3. OSSRH is the primary method of publishing artifacts to Maven Central. Here’s a link to Sonatype’s official documentation:

Thanks for your feedback,

Would you recommend hosting the internal repository with available repository managers chosen Sonatype nexus OSS . And sharing the URL to consumers to download the artifacts?