Why the API Search is not bring from all available repository and bring only from releases always?

I migrated nexus from 2.x ( highest ) to OSS 3.28.1-01. We were using given URL in 2 to get all available artifact http://hostname.domain.com/nexus/service/local/lucene/search?g=com.glic&p=war and it was bring all snapshot and release as per the conditions but in 3.x it is always bringing only from release not from other repositories grom this given API Call.

Not sure what did I miss or what’s wrong in the query? or is it changed in 3.0 to bring only only repository always for this query? Pls help me.

I think I understand this. its because of this condition The field to sort the results against, if left empty, a sort based on match weight will be used. when I say sort by version, it is bringing both… Pls confirm.

I am done. with this…

I believe you are correct, if you don’t specify a sort field we’ll use a relevance weight for the results. If you do specify a sort field (ie version) then the results will be sorted by that field.