Artifacts missing after version upgrade to 2.14


I want to upgrade my nexus repo from 2.10.0-02 to latest 3.x edition.
So I followed the documentation which states I should first upgrade it to latest 2.y edition (which is nexus-2.14.13-01).

I followed the steps as mentioned in the documentation, viz.

  1. Stop old version nexus server.
  2. Extract at same location as previous nexus, so ‘sonatype-work’ becomes the sibling directory.
  3. Point soft links and env variables to new nexus.
  4. Start new nexus server.
  5. Change owner to nexus user. (as in previous version)

But in my new nexus-2.14.13-01 instance, I cannot see my personal artifacts, be it proxy or hosted.
Although I can still see all my artifacts in /sonatype-work/nexus/storage folder.

What am I missing? Please suggest

Thank you