Nexus log path not working

Hello, I installed Nexus os 3.42.0 version and am using it

I would like to manage 1) executable files, 2) data, 3) logs, 4) other folders separately.

The log path is created in “sonatype-work/nexus3/log”, which is designated as an existing data area, even if it is specified as below.

vi /sw/nexus/nexus-3.42.0-01/bin/nexus.vmoptions


-Dkaraf.log=/log/nexus was set, but it did not work.

I would like to take out the log file located in the folder as a separate directory. Is there a way?
(audit karaf.log nexus_cluster.log nexus.log request.log)

Hi Jin-hong,
The -Dkaraf.log configures location of only the Karaf’s log (Apache Karaf is an application container), and not the location of Nexus Repository application logs. Nexus Repository uses Logback for logging, so if you want to change where the logs get written you have to override the default configuration. The documentation page for Support Features should provide you with more information.