Nexus Repository Manager 3.21.0 release

We are pleased to announce Nexus Repository 3.21.0. This release includes Helm and p2 format support also NuGet V3 Proxy support, improvements for npm and Yum, and more! See the release notes for more details on this release.

Can I just confirm that all the new repository format types are non-HA only? (I’m assuming based on previous discussions that they aren’t available for HA installs but release notes don’t seem to call that out anymore :frowning:)

You can find that information in the documentation for the formats:



Thanks @rseddon - I think I’ve asked for this before in another thread but it would be very useful for HA-C customers to have this information in the release notes as its not listed in the overall formats page either (Formats), so the only way you know what you can or can’t use is to go into each format and look individually which isn’t the most fun job in the world :smiley:

(Also it would be useful to have some kind of symbol on the overall formats page too to highlight which are HA-C compatible)