Proxy for Oracle Maven repositroy


Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.13.0-01 and 3.17.0-01.

Trying to use my own Nexus installation as proxy for repo at

Credentials for Oracle repo are provided.

Not see any activity in logs or in tcpdump output.

What i do wrong. Thanks for any information.

Proxy Repository Settings (i was substitute some links such i’m newbie on this forum and can’t post more than 2 links):

Name: oracle-maven
Format: maven2
Type: proxy
Online: “checked”

Maven 2
Version policy: Release
Layout policy: Strict

Remote storage:
Use the Nexus truststore: “checked”
Blocked: “not checked”
Auto blocking enabled: “not checked”
Maximum component age: -1
Maximum metadata age: 1440

Blob store: default
Strict Content Type Validation: “checked”

Negative Cache
Not found cache enabled: “checked”
Not found cache TTL: 1440


Authentication type: Username
Username: MyUserName
Password: •••••••

HTTP request settings
User-agent customization: “empty”
Connection retries: “empty”
Connection timeout: “empty”
Enable circular redirects: “checked”
Enable cookies: “checked”

What is the problem? You’ve not stated what isn’t working?