Blob-store storage full size and task compact blob-store stuck

Hi All,

I’m having an issue with compact blob-store task, it is stuck in running mode only when started.
I already restart the nexus service but still same. So this blob-store continues to grow.
Is there any suggestions ?


also when startup nexus, sometimes we got WARN like below
WARN [FelixStartLevel] Nexus_Image-Repository-1 *SYSTEM - Exceeded retry limit: 8/8 (com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OConcurrentModificationException: Cannot UPDATE the record #142:12 because the version is not the latest. Probably you are updating an old record or it has been modified by another user (db=v2 your=v1)
DB name=“config”)

Ensure you are not running two Nexus instances with the same DB.

Likely your database has experienced corruption.

Thanks for advice,
Is there any way to delete blob-store manually, because the task is stuck and the blob-store storage needs housekeeping