Cloud to onprem integartion


Recently we have hosted the Nexus Repository Manager 3.27 version in Microsoft Azure. Application hosted in RHEL 7.7 server(Linux).

is it possible to integrate the Azure nexus application with on-prem applications like Teamcity, octupus and bitbucket?

Previously we had a integration in onprem to onprem it is working. So need your suggestion.

While trying to download the package from Nexus repository getting 404 error.

Please assist us at earliest.

Hi Surender, in order for us to try to help you, you need to provide us with more details:

  • What URL you get 404? What is the reponse message?
  • Have you verified the content is available using other tool, i.e., the Web UI or cURL?
  • any relevant logs from both your client (output of your client like mvn or yum and also same using curl would be useful) and server side (nexus.log and requests.log)