Files not deleted after blobstore remove


We had a “file” blobstore and a raw repository attached to it.
Later it was decided that we don’t need it anymore and the repository then the blobstore have been deleted from the UI.
However the files are still there on the disk. And since the blobstore is removed there is no way to run a cleanup task on those files.

My question is how these files could be removed? Can it be done from the UI?
Or should I manually delete on the filesystem?

Typically cleanup of repositories happens asynchronously after deleting, that said deleting the blobstore may stop this.

If the blobstore is entirely unused by Nexus now I imagine you could manually delete it if you’re confident the blobstore is unused. (You may want to start with renaming it)

Thanks Matthew!

I will try to rename the blobstore today, and monitor the situation for a couple of days.
If everything is fine I’ll remove it completely.

I checked the logs after a couple of days, and no error was visible.
Marked the suggestion from Matthew as a solution.