How to setup PostgreSQL with Nexus Repository Pro for permanent storage

Hi I am using Nexus repository Pro and want to setup similar on ec2 instead of EKS as described in Single Data Center On-Premises Deployment Example Using Kubernetes.
Is there any tutorial or guide to setup postgresql with nexus repository for storage.

Hi Kashif,
Unfortunately at this point in time we only have documentation on how to run it in K8s environments, but the general idea is the same. We plan to include more configuration options in our documentation soon. Please let us know if you face any problems.

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I am also looking for the documentation to setup nexus on kubernetes with postgresql. Can someone please share the document if any?

@venkatasykam have you seen the link posted in the first message of this topic? That should be what you are looking for.

@dsawa I have gone thru the URL. As per the document we need to install/configure postgres on seperate VM, not running as container ???

Yes, it will be running outside of Nexus Repository, but it’s up to you how you want to host your PostgreSQL server: SaaS, container, VM, bare metal.

@dsawa ok, thanks alot for clarification. I will try that.


I have a doubt, what is Nexus Pro ?? This postgresql configuration will only work with Nexus Pro?

My understanding is, if we purchase license from sonatype nexus, then that will be Nexus Pro… am I correct ??

Yes, you are correct, Nexus Repository Pro is Nexus Repository with a Pro license that you purchased from Sonatype, and PostgreSQL database option is one of features available only in Pro.